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eed Help? Don’t know where to turn? On any typical day, thousands of people in our area are affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse - abuse that often leads to damaged lives, broken homes, missed career opportunities, separation from children, and most importantly, loss of direction and self-respect.

Fighting the bonds of drug or alcohol addiction isn't easy, simple or quick. But it is possible, especially with support and assistance from those who understand. Sojourner Recovery Services offers this hope, with treatement programs designed especially for people who want to confront their chemical dependency.

Named after Sojourner Truth - a former slave in the 1800s who emulated courage, strength and an unswerving faith that women of all races could turn their lives around - the agency was started in 1984. Today, Sojourner Recovery Services helps women, men, adolescents and children realize their dreams for a better life.

Our services are based on a belief that persons addicted to alcohol and/or drugs face unique challenges - physically, emotionally, and socially. We focus treatment on meeting the needs of the whole person. Individualized programs in a supportive, caring environment are designed to help people regain their sense of self-worth as they learn how to become and stay clean and sober.



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